A shocking number of politicians are leaving Congress. A look at the demographics of Congress and staffers to understand better how our government is performing.

A look at the state of the US consumer 2023 after a lack luster Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Trouble ahead for Bidenomics?

Of the millions of science "studies" produced each year, how much are they to be believed? A look at some trends in science reporting - fake or real?

The American Dream has evolved over time and can encompass various components. A look at recent polling to see American's are saying.

In a few short decades Muslims will dominate the world demographically. At current trends, the face of immigration will be PoC and Muslim.

Largest iceberg a23a in Antarctic has broken free. Where is going? Are iceberg drifts on the rise because of climate change?

As Christmas shopping season arrives, a look at 2023 Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping trends.

US states hit by a new deadly fungus Candida auris, or C auris. With a potential fatality rate of 33% and higher, it is on a steady rise.

The talk of recession has persisted for over a year now, but never seems to come. Here are two indicators, LEI and Housing, that are flashing recession ahead in 2024.

Horrifying moment Venezuelan mother Froilanis Rivas, 34, is killed by lightning strike on a Colombia beach. A few factoids about lightning strikes.