AI looks at the Biblical text to see how much of the text can be categorized into history, prophecy, and philosophy/instructional - the results may surprise you.

For many years left-wing propaganda keeps saying fascism is a right-wing ideology - but let's pose this question to the ChatGPT AI.

After a meteoric to downward-trending June 2024 jobs report, all eyes turn to the Fed to see if they will bail out Bidenomics.

The Turing Test evaluates if a machine can exhibit human-like intelligence by having a human judge interact with it and a human; passing means the judge cannot reliably tell the machine from the human.

Geopolitical biases against Jews and Muslims share historical roots and manifest in stereotypes and discrimination, yet differ in many ways. A look at some absurd chart data that shows the biases.

Department stores face decline as online shopping grows due to convenience and technology - a look at the charts. To survive, they must innovate and offer unique in-store experiences.

Looking under the hood of Bidenomics reveals disturbing trends. This time maybe the tech sector won't save us as it has done so many times before.

Mosquito populations set to rise sharply, as 2024 predictions are for hot ane wet weather. Will new pest control technology save us, or cause even more problems?

Prominent politicians often gain name recognition through high-profile roles, media presence, and influential policies, shaping future elections - see ChatGPT 4o choices.

The AI market's rapid expansion, driven suggests robust growth, though high valuations and market hype hint at speculative risks - charts to look at the companines.