The Big Mac Index is a playful yet surprisingly effective method for evaluating currency values. See how Bidenomics has effected inflation and the fast food industry.

Many economic numbers are ignored because many believe irrelevant. A look at trends in productivity and our future standard of living. Will AI save us?

After the initial Russian invasion in Ukraine and a modest Ukrainian counter offensive, the war is stalling. A look at numbers and potential reasons.

A look at emergency room wait times. After the pandemic and now illegal immigration, it is making emergency room services problematic for citizens.

Hotter than expected CPI inflation reports sparks major market moves. Can Bidenomics inflation be contained without spill on effects?

With continuing good government job statstics, it has been great for foreign born workers via the migrant crisis. But does it spell trouble for future higher interest rates?

Often many say they believe in the 10 Commandments of the Bible, but few actually can recite them. Here is a simple way to remember.

Mixing comedy with politics can be an effective tool for politicians. However, has mainstream late-night turned into mere propaganda?

As inflation slows, what is causing Gold to skyrocket? Gold is not just and inflation hedge, but a gage of global fear. Here are four reasons.

Trust in main stream media continues to decline, and yet few in the industsry seems to care. Is the benefactor of news not the public rather their handlers?