Can Accelerationists Help Bring On Christ's Second Coming?


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Accelerationism is a philosophical and political concept that proposes the idea of accelerating or exacerbating existing societal, economic, or technological trends with the belief that this acceleration will lead to significant and desirable changes. It suggests that by speeding up certain processes, such as technological advancement or societal collapse, one can bring about radical transformation or achieve certain goals more quickly than through gradual or incremental change.

There are different forms of accelerationism, including:

Left Accelerationism: This variant argues that accelerating certain aspects of capitalism, such as automation and technological progress, could potentially lead to the collapse of capitalism itself, paving the way for a post-capitalist society. Left accelerationists often advocate for harnessing technology and automation to create a more equitable and sustainable future.

Right Accelerationism: This perspective, on the other hand, advocates for accelerating capitalism and its associated processes with the belief that it will lead to a societal restructuring or a return to traditional values. Right accelerationists may see technological advancements and capitalism as inherently beneficial and advocate for their unhindered progression.

Accelerationism is a complex and controversial concept that has been discussed in various philosophical, political, and cultural contexts. It has supporters who view it as a way to catalyze change and critics who argue that it could lead to unintended consequences or exacerbate existing problems.


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