A look at the link between immigration and geopolitical events leading to potential global wars. As well, an end time scenerio that leads America to martial law.

The Bank of Japan (BoJ) is set to reverse a decades long interest rate policy and begin to raise rates. A look at the impact of this decision on the US and the rest of the world.

As the global middle class is growing the American middle class is shrinking - a look at the grim details.

With the rise in the use of marijuana in the youth, is there any correlation with this rise and other social ills?

There has been efforts over the years to tax the rich in order to prevent excessive wealth inequality. What has been the taxation on economic classes and what would this type of tax yeild?

Along with the ideological conflict between Israel and the surrounding Muslim states, what other financial and economic pressures are apparent as a potential Middle East war erupts.

Trends in marriage in terms of whether women prefer keeping their last name rather than taking the name of their husband.

Trust in mainstream media hits a new low. Is it a myth that journalists and mainstream media are heavily biased to the left?

As China's property shares and global trade woes continue, the China stock market continues down. Where will it go next?

The 12P/Pons-Brooks Comet passes by earth next year and is breaking appart as it approaches earth. Could a part of the Mt.Everest size comet hit the earth?