After the initial Russian invasion in Ukraine and a modest Ukrainian counter offensive, the war is stalling. A look at numbers and potential reasons.

Mixing comedy with politics can be an effective tool for politicians. However, has mainstream late-night turned into mere propaganda?

Trust in main stream media continues to decline, and yet few in the industsry seems to care. Is the benefactor of news not the public rather their handlers?

Removing the propaganda, a look at judging the past four president's performance in managing the budget and budget deficits. Who has done the best?

In Britain, the Conservatives have been in power for 13 years. However,failing miserablly in recent polls, spells trouble and potential signficant change coming in Britain.

See the countries sending mercenaries to fight in Ukraine and how the private military is set to nearly double by 2030.

President Joe Biden's polling numbers seem to just get more dismal. What are the chances that Biden even makes it to the general election in 2024 - handing off to Kamala?

Looking at the top 2024 global risks from the globalists' think tanks, it is clear they most fear Trump. Is Trump derangement syndrome a pandemic?

With political division rife, voters still tend to vote for their own will disliking others. Will the political divisions heal themself anytime soon?

A Biden LNG export ban will disrupt markets and impacting energy security. A discussion of the politics behind the move and the winners and losers.