Gallup recently put out its annual World Happiness Report for 2024. A look at some of the key take-a-ways and potential future trends.

See here the top universities, degrees, nd trades. But, choosing not to attend university doesn't mean sacrificing success - with some AI career counseling.

Accelerationism is a concept that proposes accelerating or exacerbating existing trends with the belief that this acceleration will lead to desirable changes. Dangerous?

As America is rocked by pro-Palestine protests on college campuses, one wonders if they are genuine. In this political season shades of 2020?

Predicting the likelihood of a nuclear bomb event or WWII is a dubious analysis. However, whether you believe in the Apocalypse or human frailties, the risk is not insignficant.

Often many say they believe in the 10 Commandments of the Bible, but few actually can recite them. Here is a simple way to remember.

The incidence of death by war, both military and civilian, has varied significantly over the centuries. Is there any link between global war and religion?

Researchers from Yonsei University in South Korea say that married women with long, high quality hair, have sex more often than ladies with shorter crops.

In a rather shocking development, mainstream media has set its targets on white rual Americans, calling them a threat to democracy. The problem is, its not just white rural folks, the real target is God.

While internet use is nearly ubiquitous in many countries, not everyone is online. A look at internet and social media usage in the US and aroung the world.