A look at the Farmer's Almanac and long range weather forecasts - does an extreme hot summer often lead to a following extreme cold winter?

A look at different conspiracy theories and which state takes the lead in the most beliefs. In addition, which political party tends to believe more in conspiracy theories - if one can define a conspiracy theory.

Fed Chair Jermy Powel states that the current rate hike cycle is far from over to battle inflation. However, given current trends he maybe fighting a losing battle.

A look at the recent large sunspots and its effects on the earth. Also, a look at historical solar maximums and minimum providing a forcast on future impacts on the earth and possibly climate change issues.

A look at the key voter demographic issues in the 2024 US presidential elections - the reality may suprise you.

A look at the size of the BRICS economies vs the G7 and whether the Dollar will lose its global reserve status anytime soon.

After the first GOP debate for the primaries of the 2024 presidential election , some commentary and a look at early polling to see the direction of politics in America.

Kevin McCarthy swiveles and puts Social Security on the table for budget cuts. A look at the US federal budget for 2022, 2023, 2024 and beyond.

A look at the rise and fall of RnB and HipHop music gendres along with the music industry trends, as well as potential impacts of AI to the music industry.

A look at the explosion in the second hand shopping market. Even though we are being told Bidenonmics is doing great, the growth in these second hand consumer behaviors may be telling a different story.