The Paratethys Sea existed millions of years ago, four times the size of Texas. With Climate Change "experts" predictions of rising sea levels, could it come back?

With the rise of online Dating Apps, could this be one signifcant cause of lower fertility and marriage rates. Some AI helps for those in the dating scene.

It has been about 83 days since the horrific attacks were made on Israel by Hamas. A look at some statistics to see how Israel is doing since then.

Germany has been the power house of the EU project. However, recently the German economic power house has turned sick and could threaten the very existance of the EU.

Over 20 years ago Warren Buffet warned the financial world that "Derivatives are the Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction." A look at how close we are to detonation.

Between droughts, drone attacks, embargos and Iranian missel threats, here are the five choke points that could effect global shipping and trade as we start 2024.

Increasingly no one seems like they are getting married. Is marriage obsolete and traditional institutions on the decline?

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Now that 2023 is winding down, how has the 118th Congress done in terms if its performance? Some rather shocking realities - but will people take notice is another matter.

Historically stocks have always been a better investment than gold. But, will this always be true - remember the East India Company from the 1700s? What's its value relative to gold?