A look at money supply growth and its future prospects. Also a look at projected inflation rates based upon money supply growth and what could change the trajectory.

With all the Trump indictements in the news, what effect will they have on the 2024 elections. Regardless of your views it may not matter in the end.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. suggest chemicals in water causes gender dysphoria. A look at Atrazine to see its use and whether this suggestion is true.

Many economic pundits have been calling for a 2023 recession. However, economic data continues to disappoint the economic bears. A discussion on why this could have been.

A look at the statistics of being a social media influencer - both the top earners and what a more typical influencer would look like.

A recent PEW poll suggest that now more than half of Americans now agree that censorship from both tech companies and government is needed to control false information and violent threats online.

A long term look at what the yield curve inversion is telling us about not only a recession but the direction of inflation and interest rates.

With a population increasingly susceptible to contagions and an increasing use of insects as food, is there an issue with mind controlling parasites in nature - like some natural mkultra programe.

News media reports seems to suggest that crime in America is a major problem. A look at the data to understand better the truth.

A look at the 2024 presidential chances of Vivek Ramaswamy in terms of the polling and conditions required for his success.