Good news for now on lower US natural gas prices - lower energy prices can stimulate economies, reduced inflation, improved trade balance, and increased competitiveness for US businesses.

Israel's prolonged wars strains its economy, resource diversion, infrastructure destruction, human capital loss, and debt accumulation, that impacts its GDP negatively.

President Joe Biden's polling numbers seem to just get more dismal. What are the chances that Biden even makes it to the general election in 2024 - handing off to Kamala?

Farmland values across the Midwest crop belt hit a record high despite elevated interest rates, while profitability hits lows and food prices remain high.

While GDP is a crucial indicator of an economy's size and overall output, it does not provide a comprehensive picture of economic health of many people.

Several of the global Western economies are in recession and signalling potential contagion across the globe.

Regardless of headline numbers of taming inflation an supposed GDP growth, the average consumer is still feeling the pain of higher prices and lower consumption.

Male sex education on bridging the gaps in understanding sexual satisfaction of their sexual partners.

As crime, chaos and lawlessness rules the streets and neighborhoods, squatters invade and take over entire neighbors - a look at this growing problem across America.

Looking at the top 2024 global risks from the globalists' think tanks, it is clear they most fear Trump. Is Trump derangement syndrome a pandemic?