Bill Maher mocks the American middle class, suggesting their perception of Bidenomics is irrational. However, is America facing a financial Minsky Moment very soon?

The incidence of death by war, both military and civilian, has varied significantly over the centuries. Is there any link between global war and religion?

It is said that immigration can have both positive and negative effects on climate change. An AI look at "what if" the US had a zero net immigration policy on climate change.

Removing the propaganda, a look at judging the past four president's performance in managing the budget and budget deficits. Who has done the best?

Researchers from Yonsei University in South Korea say that married women with long, high quality hair, have sex more often than ladies with shorter crops.

In Britain, the Conservatives have been in power for 13 years. However,failing miserablly in recent polls, spells trouble and potential signficant change coming in Britain.

The Fed remains on hold, but has a hawkish bias. Why the Fed fear and where are rates headed over the next 12 months?

Doctors across the world are sounding the alarm over a surging epidemic of young people being diagnosed with cancers more commonly associated with the elderly. What are potential causes?

The overall CPI has been pushed down by plunging energy prices and by dropping durable goods prices. However how is Bidenomics inflation doing at street level?

In a rather shocking development, mainstream media has set its targets on white rual Americans, calling them a threat to democracy. The problem is, its not just white rural folks, the real target is God.