Faith amidst fences - unraveling the biblical narrative on strangers, unity, and the ethical considerations surrounding border walls.

Hollywood's New Normal - unpacking the decline in blockbuster movie success, from franchise fatigue to the changing landscape of entertainment consumption.

Constitutional crisis - Texas challenges the Feds authority in border protection due to inaction. Many other states are siding with Texas - a look at the consitutional case - a civil war imminent?

RMG Research poll reveals shocking disparities: The rich prioritize financial success, while the middle class values stability, education, and work-life balance.

Research suggests that single-parent families may face disadvantages such as financial stress and limited support - a look at some data showing this reality.

Humanoid robots, the epitome of AI and robotics. A promise of a bright future reshaping our world. But how realistic is this?

China's Hang Seng stock market is collapsing, while many of the Chinese economic indicators are looking ugly. Is the Chinese economy heading for a collapse?

Remember the 1981 film that captured everyone's imagination, Raiders of the Lost Ark," starring Harrison Ford. This memorable, fun film has spawned many to wonder - just where is the Ark of Covenant described in the Bible today?

Pumped hydro storage is considered one of the most established and widely used forms of grid-scale energy storage. A look at the pros and cons of the technology and its future prospects.

With an American deindustrialization trend entrenched for decades, a look at recent ominous trends in manufacturing indicators that indicate that no recovery is in sight.