USDA's biannual cattle inventory report showed that the US cattle herd the smallest since 1951. Meanwhile climate activist clash with farmers.

After the Musk's Neuralink announcement about the first brain implant, it raise hopes for cognitive enhancements. Will the public acceptance it - how about you?

With political division rife, voters still tend to vote for their own will disliking others. Will the political divisions heal themself anytime soon?

Examining the smoke and mirrors Bidenomics Jobs Report with a critical lens, questioning the true impact on the economy.

Cracking the prophecy code to explore theories speculating the date of the second coming of Christ. Not setting dates, but here is one date you may want to consider.

US domestic migration had previously dropped, now it has dramatically shifted higher. Why are Americans so restless?

As military recruitment challenges persist, services are lowering enlistment criteria to address shortages - a look at today's US military personel.

A Biden LNG export ban will disrupt markets and impacting energy security. A discussion of the politics behind the move and the winners and losers.

The US sold the Federal Helium Reserve, a massive underground stockpile based in Amarillo, Texas, that supplies up to 30% of the country’s helium. Was this a good idea?

War inventions that shaped history. Each invention transformed battlefields, redefining the art and strategy of war. Is the US properly prepared for 21st century war?