The Fed jawbones the markets to believe they will remain tough to fight inflation. A look at their views and a prediction.

Candian wildfires are the worst in recent records. A look at the forecast, smoke map and the potential causes.

A 40-year high inflation rate in Japan could be the canary in the coal mine that signals Japanese and global market disaster shortly to come.

A review of recent 2023 presidential polling showing DeSantis loosing ground to Trump. What are the issues facing the DeSantis campaign?

Was the recent Russian coup attempt a staged event by Prigozhin and Putin. Some infographics on events on the ground.

A report by a recent poll from Strategies 360 on why Californians want to leave California. AI provides the top three reasons why Californians want to Calexit.

The economic data is turning negative at the start of the hot 2023 summer. A review of the US and global Leading Economic Indicators and the Purchasing Manufacturing Indexes.

Questions continue, after the OceanGate Titan submarine is now knowed to have perished in an implosion. Was information withheld?

Lack of rain is creating a potential significant drought in the US midwest this 2023. Combined with other geopolitical issues grain prices are surging.

A look at the warmer Atlantic Ocean that will have significant implications for the annual hurricane season as well as ocean life.