Though recent job report number seem to show unemployment does not look bad, a closer look at the job market tells a different story.

Warner Brothers Barbie movies lands in hot water over territorial dispute. See the maps to see what the issues are.

Recently the hottest global day on earth occurred. A look at the data and some possible causes. Is climate change real?

When a country no longer believes in itself and lacks patriotism a profound social erosion can occur - a look at the detailed data.

In light of recent controversial SCOTUS rulings, a look at the court and whether it would be a good idea to pack SCOTUS with further justices.

A look at the Airbnb rental market to understand whether there is an over supply of properties that could end further depressing the real estate market.

Is the US economy teetering to fall into recession or worse? A look at the macro-economic charts for 2023-07-03.

In light of the recent SCOTUS rejection of university affirmative action enrollment policies, a look at the potential outcomes for the effected groups.

A review of some basic statsitics of the smoking of cannabis. This includes, acceptance, usage, market, historical pricing and health considerations.

The Fed jawbones the markets to believe they will remain tough to fight inflation. A look at their views and a prediction.