A trader view of both the fundamental and technical trader issues for the next move in oil prices.

In a recent Scott Adams podcast, he outlines a mechanism that may cause a left vs right narrative in the news. Using recent polling data, an analysis to see if this news narrative theory could be real.

Fertility rates drop to historic lows and immigration into the US is forecasted to wane - the cultural change will effect politics as well as the economy in the future.

Euthanasia rates in animal shelters reach 3-year highs. A brief look at the pet industry and potential reasons why people are becoming less inclined to have pets.

Bank lending growth is weak and slowing. This is partly due to bank loan approvals at half of the preCovid levels. Another indication of a Bidenomics recession alert.

A look at the Farmer's Almanac and long range weather forecasts - does an extreme hot summer often lead to a following extreme cold winter?

A look at different conspiracy theories and which state takes the lead in the most beliefs. In addition, which political party tends to believe more in conspiracy theories - if one can define a conspiracy theory.

Fed Chair Jermy Powel states that the current rate hike cycle is far from over to battle inflation. However, given current trends he maybe fighting a losing battle.

A look at the recent large sunspots and its effects on the earth. Also, a look at historical solar maximums and minimum providing a forcast on future impacts on the earth and possibly climate change issues.

A look at the key voter demographic issues in the 2024 US presidential elections - the reality may suprise you.